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Dhyaana Realty Advisory Pvt Ltd works with almost all the real estate developers in Ahmedabad. We offer choice of hundreds of development project in and around Ahmedabad. Our resale property bank is even larger.

The best choice and services to our clients. We are a full service real estate brokerage house.

For sellers, Dhyaana Realty Advisory Pvt Ltd is the best choice as we professionally market property of our clients. Starting from comparative price analysis, listing the property, making brochures, electronic and print marketing to closing the deal with best possible price and complete documentation will be your one stop solution. With our highly motivated team, we can sell your property quickly and effectively at best possible price.

Commercial and Retail

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and Ahmedabad is the fastest growing city of India. It is needless to say that more companies are entering this market and the existing companies are expanding. Dhyaana Realty is your perfect partner in pursuit of real estate in and around Gujarat. We help our corporate clients acquire space on purchase or lease for their commercial office space, retail, warehousing or manufacturing needs.

We understand the dynamics of the market and consistently help clients to gain a competitive edge. With our strong network of professional realtors in India and globally, we can help corporations buy or lease property all across India and also internationally. We source space based on the need analysis of our clients and complete transactions with accurate documentation.

Property Management

At Dhyaana Realty we specialize in providing our Property Management Services with superior service to protect your investment. We give each property individualized attention during every phase of our Property Management. Today owners require a wide range of Property Management

Services depending upon the property and market conditions. We provide comprehensive Property Management programs or selected Property Management services to meet specific needs of each client.

Our services are designed to bring to the owners the benefits from their investments without any hassle. We help you get the best from your investment by taking care of all the paperwork at the time of purchase and maintenance thereafter. We arrange to let out your property for regular rental income. Our experienced team ensures your bills are paid on time and your property is secure, safe and fully maintained.

Please contact us if you wish to avail the property management service.

Portfolio Management

You have recessions and you have the real estate market Growing. The Real Estate industry is India is highly dynamic and rapidly changing. The industry is also unorganized at the same time. In such fast paced and ever changing scenario, real estate investors increasingly want to have more options and easier access to the investment opportunities. Only professional real estate advisor, who understands the market dynamics and have great wealth of real estate knowledge, can help investors make right decisions. We at Dhyaana Realty will take care of all issues related to managing your hard earned money.

If you have multiple properties or looking to buy more properties, we will tell you when it is the right time to sell, the right price to rent, the right time to buy or the right time to look at other emerging localities. Our Portfolio Management Service is a product wherein a real estate investment portfolio is created to suit the investment objectives of a client.

We help invest your resources into properties in different segments, regions and property type, depending on your risk-return profile. This service is particularly advisable for investors who cannot afford to give time or don’t have that expertise for micro-management of their real estate portfolio.

Please contact us if you wish to avail the portfolio management service.

Legal and Loans

Dhyaana Realty not only helps its clients to BUY, SELL or RENT a property but also does complete hand holding throughout the process. We help our clients with documentation, loan arrangements and get legal assistance in order to make their real estate transaction easy and stress free.

Please contact us if you wish to avail a home loan or need assistance in legal or documentation issues.

Interiors and Fit-outs

No matter what the space is, no matter what the need is, we define form to create business and working environments that are expressions of excellence. At Dhyaana Realty, we will refer you to the most comprehensive interior fit out services and turnkey interior designing solutions to commercial, residential, retail and hospitality sectors.

Please contact us if you wish to avail our interior & fit-out service.

Loan Services

We are engaged in offering Loan Services to the clients across the market.

Our hassle-free and fair services have proved to be the highly appreciated services in the market.

These services are rendered with the help our highly skilled and expert professionals.

They provide valuable counseling to the clients, in coming at the right financial decision.

Following are services offered by us:

Business Loan

We are engaged in offering Business Loan to the clients across the market. Daily loans and advances are given by us to grow the business of the clients. These are being done with the help of the highly skilled and qualified professionals. Moreover, we offer this services with best rate of interest. Our services are designed to meet the needs and requirements of all well-regarded clients spread over the market.

Takeover Loan

We arrange for takeover of your existing term loan or working capital limit by banks/financial institutions at lower rate of interest and/or with enhancement.

Home Loan

We offer our clients with different types of Home Loans from reputed financial institutions.

Without the hassle of approaching multiple institutions, clients can avail these loans from us. We help the clients to plant and prepare their financial requirements with the help of comparison tables and loan eligibility calculator available at our property shops. This helps in fulfilling the requirement of the clients regarding the search of their dream home.

Real Estate/Properties

We are dealing in real state business, land properties, residential property, commercial plot, Industrial plots etc.

Loan Against Property

We are engaged in offering services related to Loan Against Property. It refers to the secured loan category, where the guarantee is given by the borrower for using the property as a security. Borrower has the right of ownership of the property. He/she can sell the property to pay off the debts, if he/she is unable to repay the loan amount. We offer mortgage loans on vacant / rented Property, self occupied residential property and commercial / industrial property.

SME Loan

We also provide all types of SME Loans to our clients. This includes Project Finance, Commercial Equipment and Machinery Loan, Working Capital Loan, Term Loan, Letter of Gurantee, Letter of Credit etc. Our team of experienced financial experts as well as in depth process knlowedge also ensures that the services deleivefred by us are beneficial for our clients to meet their spLoan Servicecific business venture related needs.

Project Loan

We are engaged in offering a service related to Project Loan to the clients. It is an timely financing and innovative technique, which has been used on many high-profile corporate projects. With long gestation period, it is a method of financing very large capital intensive projects. In this, the lenders rely on the cash flow generated by the project as source of funds for repaying their dues and assets created for the project as security.

Shop/Office Loan

We provide Shop/Office Loan to purchase /extend/ improve an office /shop /clinic/nursing home and & for purchase of commercial plot and for self-construction on the pre-owned commercial site.The premises should either be originally allotted by the development authority or builder property and should be meant for approved commercial purpose.

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